with the range and quality of services we provide, we rank among the top companies in the Slovak Republic.

The decisive goals of REMING CONSULT a.s. are customer satisfaction and that the company's name is always associated with the concepts of quality, reliability, professionalism, creativity, aesthetics, ecological discipline and adherence to the principles of health and safety at work.

  • Security technology

    railway signalling equipment station, line and sidings, train protection equipment ETCS L1, L2......., control systems for traffic management
  • Announcement technology

    communication and digital transmission systems for data transmission, GSM-R radio networks, remote control of energy systems, electrical fire and safety signalling
  • Geology

    engineering geological survey, monitoring of geological factors of the environment, remediation of the geological environment, remediation of the environmental burden, expert geological supervision during the remediation of the geological environment, during the remediation of the environmental burden and during construction works, preparation of a geological study and expert geological assessment
  • Geotechnics

    engineering and geotechnical surveys for transport and engineering structures, geotechnical calculations - stability, foundation, planting, archival geotechnical research
  • Environment

    comprehensive assessment of the impact of the construction on the environment according to the applicable regulations, dendrological survey, waste management, noise and vibration measurement
  • Engineering activities

    securing zoning decisions, building permits, public hearings - securing opinions and statements of affected authorities and organizations, owners and administrators of utilities, property negotiations, expert opinions and securing contracts
  • Author's supervision

    authoring, construction, assistance in construction management
  • Consulting and consultancy

    in all phases of project preparation and implementation
  • Railway and rail construction

    new constructions and reconstructions of railway lines, stations, sidings, new constructions and reconstructions of tram lines, transport and operating technology
  • Road constructions

    roads, urban, local and special purpose roads, junctions, car parks and paved areas, road safety audit
  • Bridges and engineering structures

    railway, road, technological bridges, footbridges, culverts, retaining and retaining walls, noise barriers
  • Tunnels and underground structures

    railway and road tunnels, mined and excavated tunnels, tunnels, shafts, collectors
  • Ground construction and architecture

    ground objects for infrastructure needs, residential and civil buildings, buildings of industrial and technological units, production and repair halls, architectural designs, studies and visualizations
  • Water management constructions

    complex water management solutions of transport constructions, flood protection measures, drainage of roads, junctions and railway stations, hydrotechnical calculations
  • Traction lines

    catenary lines for DC and AC power system, for urban railways, energy calculations and protection of metal parts
  • Electrical power engineering - Electrical Engineering Equipment

    traction substations, switching stations, electrical preheating equipment of trainsets, heating of switches, vn and nn wiring, outdoor lighting, electrical installation of building objects

Preparatory phase of the project:

  • Studies

    (feasibility, architectural-urban, transport, construction-technical) EIA documentation
  • Geodetic surveying

  • Surveys

    (engineering-geological, hydrogeological, ecological, traffic, construction-technical, dendrological, survey of utility networks)
  • EIA documentation

  • Documentation for planning permission

  • Documentation for the selection of the Contractor

  • Engineering for obtaining/issuing planning permission

  • Engineering for obtaining/issuing a building permit

  • Engineering for property settlement

Implementation phase of the project:

  • Documentation for the implementation of the construction

  • Documentation of the actual construction

  • Author's supervision

  • Investor's technical supervision

  • Project management

  • Building surveyor

  • Technical assistance for the Contractor