Building of the Year 2022

The Association for the Development of Slovak Architecture and Construction under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová, announced the 28th year of the national public non-anonymous competition "BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2022".

The mission of the competition is to promote the quality of construction works realized in Slovakia as part of a comprehensive system of quality assurance in construction and building industry. One of the guarantors of this system is the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic and the guarantors of the quality of its implementation are the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia, the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Slovak Chamber of Architects.

Contractor: Nimnica Association, Doprastav a.s.
REMING Consult a.s.

We are pleased to announce that the construction "Modernization of the railway line Púchov-Žilina, Stage I, section Púchov-Považská Teplá" won the "Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic for the society-wide contribution in the field of architecture and construction" and also became the winner of the "Main Prize in the category of Engineering constructions".

We are extremely pleased to have been able to be part of this construction as the general designer!

The main objective of the construction was to modernise the existing railway transport route in the section Púchov - Žilina to the required extent in order to achieve the line speed of 160 km/h, which is one of the basic criteria for the modernisation of the line, including the fulfilment of other requirements defined in international agreements.

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