Železničná stavba desaťročia 2012-2022

On 14-15 March 2023, the 17th edition of the FKD conference was held in Bratislava, the aim of which was to highlight the persistent disparities between European regions and to find a common way to help implement the European Union's strategy for developing a quality rail transport network and reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment.

The conference also included the announcement of the winner of the competition "Railway Construction of the Decade 2012-2022", which was created in cooperation between PSKD, ŽSR, ZSSK and ŽS Cargo Slovakia.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of both announced categories - the public prize and the main prize is the construction "Modernization of the railway line Púchov-Žilina, section Púchov-Považská Teplá", where we are the general designer.

Basic information about the building:

  • Length of section: 15,921 km
  • Investment costs: € 389 million

The most significant objects within the construction include:

  • Double-track tunnel "Diel" in the length of the tunnel axis - 1081,70m
  • Double-track tunnel "Milochov" in the length of the tunnel axis - 1861m
  • Steel bridge over the Nosický Kanal, construction type Langer beam, bridge length 379 m
  • Flyover over the Nosická Dam, construction type "extrados", bridge length 592 m
  • Investor: ŽSR
  • Contractor: association Nimnica, Doprastav a.s.
  • General Planner: REMING Consult a.s.

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