References - Studies

Thanks to our comprehensive services, we have been involved in major implementations of transport infrastructure, civil and administrative construction, engineering and industrial buildings.


  • Tram line in the radial road Dúbravka - Karlova Ves

  • Tram line Hanulova - Pri kríži, feasibility study

  • Electrification and optimisation of the line Leopoldov - Nitra - Šurany, technical & economic study

  • Expertise on technical part of the feasibility study in the approval process for connection project of railway corridor TEN-T with the airport and railway network in Bratislava

  • Analysis and overall assessment of centres for technical maintenance of railway track vehicles (Bratislava, the Main Station – the shed, Bratislava – Nové Mesto, Zvolen, Žilina, Nové

  • Elaboration of Assessment study of hypothetical proposal of city speed rail Brno and its relation to the project – Rebuilding of Railway junction Brno

  • Tram track Rača – Vajnory – Zlaté piesky, transport and technical – economical study

  • Transport Infrastructure of area in touch with the Airport of M.R.Štefánik Bratislava

  • Railway connection Bratislava – Viedeň, technical assistance

  • Transrapid Berlín – Viedeň – Budapešť – solution of terminal in Bratislava and access routes, transportation and shipping flows, transportation study

  • Track line-up of M. R. Štefánik airport for passanger traffic, territorial-technical study

  • Study of a solution of railway track between railway station Zlatovce and Trenčín (new bridging over Váh), territorial-technical study

  • Reconstruction of an operating building of railway station Košice, territorial-technical study

  • Feasibility study Žilina - Košice - Čierna nad Tisou

  • Electrification of the line Bánovce nad Ondavou - Humenné - design document

  • Technical and economic study

  • Setting of standards for technical and operation solution for the form of integrated passenger transport terminal

  • Technical and economic study: Railway track in the area of the part of Bratislava – Petržalka, part – traction and feeder line, communication device and safety device

  • Construction and Operation of narrow-gauge railway on the track of the Slovak Railways station – thermal spring swimming pool resort Vincov les – Feasibility Study

  • Urban study of the area Vlčie Hrdlo – communications design

  • Railway connection of the airport of Schwechat and the airport of M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava (slovak section Wolfstahl – Bratislava Petržalka), feasibility study

  • Railway station Bratislava subsidiary, feasibility study

  • Regional and surbuban railway traffic in junction Bratislava, territorial-technical study

  • Design of carrier city public transport system, territorial-technical study

  • Study of alternative solutions of routing across nature reservation Turecký vrch, territorial-technical study